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Fund Connect

Most times, your customers are always asking to defer payments of the goods they purchase from you, and you oblige juts to entice and keep them.

But we know the truth! This has negative effect on your own working capital and affects your business.

Good news is our digital platform can have you trade your receivables for fresh working capital.

Our Features
  • Reputable Buyers
  • Reliable Payment
  • Profitable Interest


Sell your produce to reputable buyers
Upload their invoice or request them to upload for you
We perform checks on the invoice and the business
Investors pay you your receivables at discounted rate
Your buyer pays invoice in full & the investors receive their payment+interest

I want to investHOW DO I GET STARTED?

Your Investments are Safe

Investors funds are held in segregated accounts and warehoused with an Asset Management Company, registered and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

How are we different from other investment marketplace?

You are not investing in farms or production that are climate sensitive and uncertain. When you invest in an invoice, your credit risk is with the larger company that purchased goods from the farmers. Also, we are the most liquid in the market, with an average duration of just 45 days


Register online to be an Investor

Browse offerings to see the ones that interest you or auto Invest ahead of new Invoice offerings

Add funds and Invest

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