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The Powerful Antioxidants of Peppers

Peppers are powerful antioxidants, bursting with vitamins A and C, also great source of vitamins B6, E and magnesium.

Pepper have multiple health benefits against cancer, diabetes, heart disease and weight control. All of these combines makes pepper one of nature’s best foods.

Pepper is both aromatic and medicinal, and with a mix of fresh ginger that is rich in protein and dietary fibre makes it just perfect.

Pepper is used in most local dishes as spice, or meal compliments as stew and soup. We are exposed to the health benefits and uses of this produce, and have decided to add value for consumption.

We have explored a modern technology in our product packaging that keeps products freshand healthy, maintaining flavours and nutrients.

Grab a Soupah pack today, for your sumptuous soups and hearty meals.

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