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Founder of Soupah Limited interviewed on Inspiration FM’s Enterprise stories

This week on Enterprise Stories, we feature the story of Ifeoluwa Olatayo, who sold her computer to start a food business. Sometime back in 2010, Ifeoluwa was in her hostel in the University when a roommate announced she was going to the market and several of her roommates started making requests for various food items from the market, at that moment the idea hit Ifeoluwa, there is an opportunity here! Ifeoluwa immediately sold her laptop computer to get capital to start her business, she purchased a bicycle and a fridge to set up her business right on campus. By the time she graduated 2 years later she had expanded beyond delivery of cooking items from the market, she was offering ready to cook soup products, employed 2 staff and this earned her recognition as the student entrepreneur of the year 2012. Today Soupah kitchen has 5 outlets and has won a several business plan competitions. How did she do it? is she a born entrepreneur? does luck play a part in success? Tune in to Inspiration 92.3Fm or log on to edcradioonline.com to listen to Ifeoluwa’s inspiring story.

Source: https://edcradioonline.com/show/5/episode/58

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